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They Saved My Life!
Without rehab, my life could be impossible and lonely. Not only am I healthy, but I've got my wonderful kids and husband back again in my life!
, Illinois Mar 22, 2011

Great Staff and Service!
I remember and feel sorry for many of mistakes I've made, and I particularly feel sorry about wasting so much of my life on drugs and alcohol. However, I don’t regret a single day that I spent at Drug Rehab Illinois. I am confident I can maintain a successful life in recovery thanks to them.
, Illinois Jul 23, 2011

Amazing Custom-Designed Treatment!
My experiences were positive, and really effective, thanks to their compassionate and supportive staff, the comfortable living facilities, and the treatment program they custom designed exclusively for me. I am an addict in recovery, and I thank the enthusiastic and experienced staff that didn't ever give up on me.
, Illinois Oct 23, 2011

Great Aftercare!
After a few failed efforts to get clean, I’m so thankful that I finally went to Drug Rehab Illinois! They helped me get sober and stay that way.
, Illinois Jan 22, 2011

The Absolute Best Rehab Ever!
Almost right after I arrived at Drug Rehab Illinois I could tell that the people there really cared about me, and that they truly could help. It’s thanks to them that I’m clean now!
, Illinois Jan 23, 2012

Alcohol Drug Rehab IL is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.